Will you be traveling soon? Please contact our Customer Service Center ahead of time to make us aware of your travels. It’s never wise to rely solely upon a debit card to access your cash or to fund purchases.

The adoption of chip card technology has added a layer of security to transactions where a chip-enabled terminal is used. While more merchants are enabling their chip card terminals every day, 100% adoption has not yet been reached. Click here for frequently asked chip card questions.

Due to concerns relating to security and identity fraud, Savings Institute Bank & Trust does not allow ATM or magnetic strip “swipe” transactions in certain locations. Please read below to see if the location you are traveling to is affected.

International Restrictions

If you are traveling to the following countries, PIN (referred by most merchants as Debit) based transactions at a chip card enabled terminal as well as transactions at ATMs are permitted. All other debit card transactions are restricted.

China, Hong Kong, Mexico, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) 

Transactions at chip card enabled terminals in the Philippines are permitted. All other debit card transactions, including ATMs, are restricted.

Currently, all debit card transactions, including transactions at chip card enabled terminals, are restricted in Romania, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

Domestic Restrictions

There are no restrictions if you are using your chip card at a chip card enabled terminal. Transactions at a terminal that is not chip card enabled carry the following restrictions: 

  • Signature based swipe transactions over $100 inside gas stations may be restricted. Transactions at gas pumps are not affected. 
  • Signature based transactions over $50 in the state of New York are currently being restricted. PIN based transactions and signature based transactions of $50 or less will not be affected.
  • Credit transactions at Shell station gas pumps in Brooklyn, NY are currently being restricted. Debit transactions and transactions initiated within the station are not affected.
  • All Square transactions exceeding $200.00 in the United States are currently being restricted.
  • Transactions at Walmart in Texas are currently being restricted.
  • All debit card transactions not performed at a chip card enabled terminal at Plaza Azteca restaurants are currently being restricted.
  • Signature based swipe transactions at Shell stations in Phoenix, AZ are currently being restricted.
  • Swipe and manually entered transactions at gas stations in Chicago, IL are currently being restricted.

If you have any questions, please contact us today.