Anchored Fitness - Be Someone’s Anchor

Apr 24, 2019 | by Savings Institute
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Young entrepreneurs Trevor and Meaghan Brunelle combined their unique skill sets to launch a successful fitness brand based on teamwork, motivation and becoming the anchor their clients need.

Pictured: Trevor and Meaghan Brunelle, owners of Anchored Fitness in Vernon, CT.

Motivate others

When you walk into Anchored Fitness in Vernon, CT you’re greeted with a wall of sayings, written playfully in colored chalk and two smiling faces. Those faces are Trevor and Meaghan Brunelle, the team behind the fitness center’s success. Trevor started working at Tyler English Fitness in 2014 while going to school to be a chiropractor. He realized it wasn’t his passion, but coaching others to be proactive in their health through fitness was.

As a physical therapist Meaghan shares that same passion for motivating others to be healthy, so when the owner of Tyler English Fitness asked Trevor if he was interested in buying the location, the then engaged couple jumped at the opportunity.

“This was always our dream,” Trevor says as he looks over at Meaghan. “We knew it would work because of our passion and knowledge. This gym and the members are our friends and family. They’ve helped to build everything Anchored Fitness is with us.”
Interior of Anchored Fitness.

Some of the training equipment at Anchored Fitness.

Be there

It’s apparent that Anchored Fitness is not just another gym. Their clients have a diverse background from children with their parents to those in their mid-seventies.

“It’s all about being there for our members and having active conversations. Maybe they can’t do one thing, but there’s something else they can do,” Meaghan explains. “We concentrate on holistic health, where we work together to talk about healthy habits like eating and exercise. There’s no one size fits all."

The team’s passion for their members shines through when they talk about the meaning for the name ‘Anchored Fitness’ and their motto ‘Be Someone’s Anchor.’

“This is a journey.” Trevor points up to the wall. “Everyone who comes here is an inspiration. We can motivate one another to get healthy just being here for each other.”

Go the extra mile

When asked what has been the biggest driver of Anchored Fitness’ success, both Trevor and Meaghan attribute it to the members of the gym and being a place where anyone can find a supportive community that cares about being healthy.

That’s precisely the reason, Mark Light, VP and commercial banker at Savings Institute Bank & Trust started going to Anchored Fitness back when it was Tyler English Fitness. When the Brunelles were approached with the opportunity to purchase the center, they knew they could look to Mark for guidance.

“Mark and the team at Savings Institute have amazing customer service,” Meaghan says, and Trevor nods. “Mark is always a text or phone call away. He provided us with guidance and reassurance as we went through the process. The South Windsor branch is great, too. We know that everyone at the bank wants us to succeed.”

Savings Institute is proud to support local businesses like Anchored Fitness that make a meaningful impact on the lives of those living in the communities we serve. To learn more about how we can help grow your business, please contact Mark Light.
Trevor and Meaghan Brunelle, owners of Anchored Fitness, with Mark Light, Savings Institute Commercial Lender.

Mark Light, Savings Institute Bank & Trust Commercial Lender with Trevor and Meaghan Brunelle, owners of Anchored Fitness.

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