Finding the Right Hire for Your Job Opening

Apr 10, 2019 | by Savings Institute
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Any human resources professional can tell you: hiring employees takes time. That makes it especially difficult for business owners who are often too busy with the day-to-day aspects of running a business to sort through resumes and set up interviews. However, business owners also know finding the right candidate is extremely important, especially since hiring the wrong individual can cost productivity and revenue down the road.

So how do you set out to find the perfect match for your company?

You can start by taking these steps:

Take time to write your job descriptions and posts.

A job description is much more than words on paper. It's an advertisement for your company and as such, should be compelling and comprehensive. Get input from the department manager as well as co-workers and colleagues who interact with the department to articulate the most important duties of the position and the skills required. Ask your employees what they love best about the company and their job. Then construct an appealing description of the benefits of the job and your company.

Use your industry/association connections.

One way to find qualified candidates is to network in trade and professional association groups for potential candidates. You're more likely to find a candidate who will know your industry, competition, and marketplace.

Engage your employees.

Who better to recommend the best candidates than your employees? They may be able to use their social networks to help you find the right person. Consider offering a referral bonus to encourage involvement.

Advertise your position.

Once you have your job description, advertise it online to job posting sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn.

Screen resumes carefully.

When you receive applications, resumes, and cover letters, review them against the job description and required skills to ensure they match.

Pre-screen Candidates

It may be an added step, but it can save you time and money in the long run. Take some time to screen applicants over the phone to determine their qualifications and experience and even their salary requirements. You may also want to consider reviewing social media sites to get a sense for a candidate’s values and interests.

Involve staff and managers in the interview process.

In addition to asking for input for writing the job description, ask other members of the department to participate in the interview process. Their familiarity with the responsibilities of the position and dynamics of the department put them in an ideal position to evaluate a candidate's ability to fit in and do the job.

Perfect the interview process.

Before you bring in candidates, make sure you're prepared to interview them. Have a meeting with all the interviewers in your company to review what you're looking for in a candidate and ensure they ask the right questions. Then, after the interviews, reconvene to discuss results.

Do a background check.

Once you have an ideal candidate, verify their work Once you have an ideal candidate, verify their work references and criminal history.

Taking the time to find the right candidate now will help set your company up for success in the future.

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