At-A-Glance Solution Overview

  • Homeowners age 62 and over can use the equity they've accumulated in their home while retaining full ownership of the home
  • You do not need to repay the loan while your are living in your home
  • Receive your funds as a lump sum, in monthly payments or as a line of credit
  • Use your Reverse Mortgage for home improvements, travel, paying off debt and more

Reverse Mortgage Eligibility 

  • Be at least 62 years of age and own your home
  • Live in your home as your primary residence
  • Continue to pay property taxes and homeowners insurance
  • Be able to pay off all liens/mortgages through the Reverse Mortgage
  • For consumer protection, you will need to speak with a HUD-approved housing counselor to learn more about Reverse Mortgages

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Home Equity Fixed Loan

3.875% APR*
5 Year Term