Special Rate on a 20 Month CD!

  • Customers with an active Savings Institute Bank & Trust checking account can get a 20 month CD at 3.00% APY**
  • Earn 2.75% APY** for 20 months even without an active checking account 
  • Open your account today
**Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective as of 11/27/18 and subject to change. Rate without an active Savings Institute checking account is 2.75% APY for the 20 month CD. Minimum $500 deposit required to open the account and earn the APY. Maximum deposit $1,000,000. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings on the account. Offer is not available for municipalities.

Learn More: Compare multiple CDs and decide whether it’s worthwhile to display a little extra patience.

At-A-Glance Solution Overview

  • Receive guaranteed yields and choose terms ranging from 91 days to 7 years 
  • Minimum balance requirement varies depending on the CD term you choose 
  • Grow your money over a fixed period of time and cash in your CD on its maturity date 
  • Interest rates and annual percentage yields vary based on term selected and the date the account is opened
  • Interest earned on the account can be withdrawn anytime, without penalty
  • Penalties can apply if any portion of the principal is withdrawn prior to maturity date
  • Access full FDIC insurance of $250,000 or more with the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS) (see below)

Savings Institute Bank & Trust offers competitive CD rates to increase your savings. Contact us with any questions.

Certificates of Deposit

3.00% APY*
20 Month Special

CDARS Insures Larger Deposits 

  • Meet with Savings Institute Bank & Trust representative and choose an interest rate and maturity date (from four weeks to five years) that meets your investment objectives
  • Deposit funds with us and we we will submit your funds to insured banks in the CDARS network
  • These member banks issue CDs to you in denominations under the FDIC coverage limit 
  • Even though you hold multiple accounts, you'll work only with Savings Institute Bank & Trust's friendly professionals and receive all your account information on one monthly statement
Certificates of Deposit are time deposit accounts with fixed maturity dates. Interest rates and annual percentage yields earned on the account are determined by the date the account is opened and the term selected. CDs are designed for people who want to maximize the return of their funds without immediate access to the money in the account.

Annual percentage yields assume that principal and interest remain on deposit for the full term at the quoted interest rate. Early withdrawal penalties can apply if any portion of the principal is withdrawn prior to maturity; however, interest earned on the account may be withdrawn at any time without penalty.

*Minimum balance required to open a CD account.